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Print is not dead. Even with heightened environmental awareness and the ever-expanding sources of digital communication, there is still a need for printed marketing materials.  Whether it’s by habit or preference, people still read magazines and trade journals, swap business cards, and save postcards and brochures.  Everywhere we go, we see signs and billboards strengthening brand awareness.

These traditional marketing methods reach consumers when they are away from their digital devices and can add credibility to your business:

•  identity: Every business needs a visual identity for use in both print and digital communications.  It may be simple, but it must be consistent – this is what identifies your brand.

•  brochures & flyers: These pieces have a longer shelf life. If your service is one requiring consideration and planning, your customers will appreciate having this tangible piece to refer to.

•  ads: Newspapers, magazines and circulars are still being read in print form – not just by older consumers, but also by those with a desire to “unplug.”

•  direct mail: Postcards are a great way to promote special events to your customer base as well as increase your reach to a broader market.

•  displays: Shows and fairs allow you to reach customers already interested in your product or service. A professional backdrop for your personnel draws people to you.

•  signs & posters: Compelling graphics in-store or out help communicate messages and/or reinforce your brand.


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